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The Main IT helpdesk offers students and academic staff support with all IT issues. The Helpdesk staff will be able to log your support issue with an automatically created support reference number so it can be used to follow-up on your issue and will direct your enquiry to right member of the MyPlace support Team 

Telephone: 0141 548 4000 (option 1)

Location: Library Level 3

Hours: Monday - Friday (09.00 - 20.50) Saturday (09.00 - 16.50) and Sunday (12.00 - 16.50)

Some of the services offered by the helpdesk include:

  • Administering DS username and passwords
  • Issuing IP numbers
  • MyPlace 1st Line Support
  • Set-up of university mobile phones
  • Pegasus software support
  • General enquiries

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You can log a Myplace support request by clicking again on the HELP button , choosing 'CONTACT HELPDESK' and entering the details of your request. 

Please ensure to include the exact name of your class on Myplace (or class code e.g. AB123) as well as the name of the assignment or activity you are enquiring about (or weblinks if you really want to be helpful). This information speeds up significantly the time it takes to investigate and provide a solution to your query.