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This page discusses how penalties for coursework submitted late may be applied in Myplace and how to apply for the Grace Period to be applied to coursework you submit up to four hours late.  This feature is new to Myplace for academic year 2019/20.

What does it do?

It applies the standard penalties set out in the Policy and Procedure for Late Submission of Coursework to work submitted after the deadline on Myplace.

For now, it is only applies to assignment activities, which are represented by this icon  Image of the Assignment icon in Myplace

If you think you are unlikely to meet a coursework deadline due to medical issues or personal circumstances, please apply for an extension as early as possible.  It is now also possible to apply for an extension to an assignment on Myplace using a new tool in Myplace. 

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What will it look like? (before marks are released)

Once you have submitted your coursework, it will show the provisional late submissions penalty which will be applied to your work after marking.

If you click the plus symbol, it will expand to show all the possible penalties, which time band your submission fell within and therefore which penalty applies.

What will it look like? (when marks are released) 

Once your mark has been released, if you received any late submissions penalties these will be shown.  To see a breakdown, select the plus symbol:

Penalty for late submissionThe penalty applied as a percentage
Performant gradeThe mark you would have received if there was no penalty
Pass markThe mark required to pass the assignment
Marks deductedThe number of marks deducted (not the percentage deducted)
Effective percentage point penaltyHow many percentage points were deducted

Your grade (in the example on the right, 80 out of 100) is your Performant Grade minus the Marks Deducted.

Grace Periods

If you experience unexpected circumstances before the time set on the day of the deadline and it results in a delay to your submission of less than four hours, you can request that the grace period is applied to your coursework submission. 

Time Limited

Requests for the grace period to be applied must be submitted within 4 hours of the published date and time and no longer – we strongly suggest that you submit your request as soon as you have submitted your coursework.  

To request that the Grace Period is applied to your coursework submission, follow the steps below.

How to request the application of the Grace Period

1) Submit your coursework.

2) While still in the assignment submission page, click on the Late Submissions section to expand it.

3) From the 'Reason for grace period' dropdown list, select the reason that best describes why you are requesting the grace period and click 'Save changes' to submit your request.

Application of the Grace Period

The grace period will be automatically applied to your submission.  However, if it becomes apparent that the grace period has been misused, a member of staff may revoke it and apply the appropriate late penalty. 

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