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Your class list isn't as you expect, either there are classes missing or classes you don't recognise


First of all make sure you are on the current years tab highlighted in red in the image to the right. Secondly try 'Refresh class list'. If your classes have recently changed you might need to do this to get the current class list.

If your class list says 'Unable to connect to server' or a similar message, this is a different issue. You should be able to rectify this by pressing Ctrl and F5 on a Windows PC or Command (apple key) and R on a Mac.

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All of your registered classes in Pegasus should appear in your class list on MyPlace. Note: The classes will not appear immediately after you have completed your registration. It may take 24 hours to appear.

If you cannot see a link for one or more of your classes in the Class Block tab on your home page, you should check that you are registered for the class.

  • You can see which classes you are registered via Pegasus. If you have any problems with your registrations in Pegasus, please contact your Personal Development Advisor or Advisor of Studies
  • If you can see the class as a greyed out link (highlighted in the image to the right) then your lecturer has not made the class visible to students.  Check with your lecturer if and when they are going to make the class visible as not all lecturers choose to do this.


You may be enrolled in specific classes which do not have a Pegasus class or programme code attached to it. This means they won't appear on your Pegasus class list but they do appear in your Myplace class list. In this case you may have been manually enrolled on the course by the course Lecturer, Tutor or Admin staff. Please contact the departmental staff in the first instance to get information about these classes or to request removal or addition of classes.