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This article outlines how to take group memberships from your Myplace class and pre-assign the group members into Zoom breakout roomsIf you need to allocate participants in Zoom, but don't have them in Myplace, instructions can be found on the Zoom Support site under "Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms"

1. Set Up Myplace Groups

You can set up your groups in Myplace either manually or using the auto-creation of groups feature.

2. Export Group Memberships

Access the Export Group Memberships feature.

You wil typically want to select a specific grouping so that you don't bring all of the groups in the class out.

If you don't have groups set up or don't want to use Myplace's assigned groups you can use the Export Blank/Class option to produce a list of the students without any group details.

Click on the Export Group membership button and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

3. (re)Format Myplace Groups for Zoom Breakout Pre-assignment

  1. Open the CSV on your computer, typically this would be in Excel.
  2. Select the userid column (click on the A column header), then right click and select Delete.
  3. Repeat this for the firstname, surname and msn columns.

    The msn column would normally display the Registration number for the student

  4. In row 1 you must change the cell value so that:
    1. Column A reads Pre-assign Room Name
    2. Column B reads Email Address
  5. Save the file, ensuring that it is still saved as a CSV format.

Column names are case sensitive.

Downloaded CSV file

Removing the userid column

4. Set up Zoom meeting

Set up your meeting activity in Myplace as normal.

You cannot pre-assign breakout room participants in Myplace, you must do this directly in Zoom.

5. Access Zoom meeting setup

Once the meeting has been created in Myplace, you will be able to see it in your Upcoming meetings in Zoom.

Go to and choose the Sign In option to access Zoom directly and see all of your upcoming meetings.

Go into the Meeting by clicking on the Edit button that appears when you hover over the meeting

6. Enable Breakout room pre-assign

Under Meeting Options you will find the Breakout Room pre-assign option, tick this.

Then click on the Import from CSV

7. Upload Myplace Groups

Follow the instructions to upload the Group Membership file that you edited from Step 3

8. Review Assignments

Once the file has been uploaded, Zoom will display the Breakout Room assignments.

Click on the Save button.

9. Save Changes to the Meeting

You should be back on the Edit Meeting page.

Make sure you click on the Save button to save all of the changes.