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This support page describes how to manually weight categories in the gradebook.

Now we are going to arrange the gradebook using weightings (aka weighted mean of grades) to achieve the following ratio. 

1) First we'll need to make sure that the Summative category is set to use 'weighted mean of grades'. To do this click 'Edit' and the 'Edit settings'

2) Then choose 'Weighted mean of grades' and save changes.

The default setting is 'Simple weighted mean of grades' which creates a weighting based on the maximum grade-minimum grade. e.g. if you have 4 quizzes with minimum grade = 0 and maximum grade = 10, 'Simple weighted mean of grades' will give each quiz a weighting of 10 from a total of 40, which would be 25% each.

3) Now move the assignment into the Summative category by clicking on the 'move' icon and clicking the dashed box under Summative on the next screen. 


4) Now we need to create a subcategory for the quizzes which at a later point we will give the weighting of 10%. Add a category by scrolling to the bottom of the gradebook setup pages and clicking 'Add category' 

5) Name the category 'quizzes' and leave the aggregation as 'Simple weighted mean of grades' 

6) Move the Quizzes category in to the Summative category using the same process as you moved the assignment previously. 

7) Your Summative category should now look like this.

Don't worry about the weights for now, we'll set those at the end once we've arranged the Gradebook correctly.

8) Now move the 4 quizzes into the 'quizzes' category. This time we want to move more than 1 item so there's a faster way to do this than our previous moving process. 

To the far right of the quiz items there are tickboxes. select these tickboxes, then at the bottom left of the page there is a drop down menu with the title 'Move selected items to'.  

Click on this menu and choose 'quizzes' 

9) Your Summative category should now look like this. 

10) Now move the EXAM grade item into the summative category under the quiz sub-category.

11) Finally enter your weightings as shown below and always remember to click the Save Changes button to complete the process.

Note that the Summative category has a weighting of 1.0 when Formative and Administrative have 0.0. This means Formative and Administrative will have no effect on the class total.

For the purposes of this exercise we have used 1.0 as the total and decimal parts of 1.0 to represent the weightings. You can choose any number as the total for the weightings 100 for example or if you wanted to create weightings that represented thirds you might want to set the total as a multiple of 3.