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This support page is an explanation of how anonymous marking will affect grade visibility for the student.

Use in conjunction with gradebook settings

It is strongly recommended that you do not rely upon anonymous marking to control the visibility of marks to students.  You should hide the activity's grades in the gradebook, then follow all the steps of anonymous marking, and finally reveal the activity's grades in the gradebook.  You can read more about controlling students' access to their grades using the gradebook in the article on this site.

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1) If an assignment is still in anonymous marking after grading, the student will not be able to see their grade. Until the grade appears in the 'Final Grade' column it hasn't yet transferred from the Assignment grading table to the class gradebook, which controls whether the grade can be made visible to the student. 

In order to transfer the grade from the assignment to the class gradebook you have to 'reveal student identities'.

Please remember that this action is irreversible. You should only reveal student identities when all marking has been completed or you do not require anonymous marking.

The reason grades can't be transferred to the gradebook while anonymous marking is enabled is because the class gradebook, by its nature, cannot be anonymous. Its purpose is to assign grades to identifiable students.

2) You can reveal student identities by clicking on the 'Grading Action' drop down and choosing reveal student identities.

3) The student identities will appear and the grade will now appear in the 'Final Grade' column and it is now in the class gradebook. 

Remember, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's visible to the students yet, just that the grade exists in the gradebook. You still have controls on visibility within the gradebook to allow you to complete all marking before revealing grades to students.

It's also important to remember that if you hold either the 'class administrator' role or 'faculty dept administrator' role within a class you will be able to see the student identities, even with anonymous marking enabled. You can identify it's enabled because you will see a column with participant numbers. (highlighted in red)

This development was introduced this academic year to avoid the added nuisance of having to switch between 'view blind marking identities' when required for administrative purposes.