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This support page describes how to add an existing video from the University's Video Streaming Server to your class as streaming video embedded in the page.See Uploading and Embedding a video file using eStream if you wish to add a new video to the Video Streaming Server and add it to Myplace at the same time.

The preferred way of uploading video files to Myplace is to 'add and embed' them via eStream, the Universities in-house streaming service. It's possible to do this directly from Myplace at the same time as uploading your file using just a few clicks.

There are a few important advantages to embedding video this way:

  • eStream deals with the video type and encoding, the result of which is the video will be playable in a much wider range of software and browser versions.
  • The processing of the video streaming is handled by eStream which is optimised for this kind of task
  • It allows for you to search for the same video clip (among a range of video material available on the service) for use in other classes. See Searching and Embedding eStream Content for further details.

Applies to Myplace

Step by step guide

1) You can embed video in Myplace via the text editor. When you're in the text editor click on the 2nd icon from the right to add a media file. 

Click on any image below to enlarge

2) This will open a pop-up window with a search box. Enter some search terms to locate the video you want to embed.

3)  A list of results will appear, click on the result that wish to insert

4) A window will appear with up to 3 options:

  1. Add to Moodle - The content will be inserted and can be watched online only.
  2. Add to Moodle (hide details) - The content will be inserted but the pre-roll details hidden.
  3. Add to Moodle with Download Link - The content will be inserted and a download link will be made available to viewers.

5) Your video should appear in the editor as an embedded player. Click on the Save Changes button .

5) Finally your embedded video should appear like this (when fully processed). The grey square with the white arrowhead is the play button and the title and description you gave your video will appear in the rectangle next to the play button.