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What are they and where to find them

Blocks are the sections that you see to the right and left of your class list (on your homepage) or the central panel containing class content. Commonly seen blocks are Navigation, Administration, Useful Links, My Coursework, My Timetable and Messages. 

Class-specific blocks

The blocks a student sees in a class will depend on what blocks are made available to you by the tutor/admin staff. 

Docking a block

Docking a block will minimise it and 'stick' it to the left hand side as a tab. To dock a block, click the  icon . To 'undock' it, just click on the tab and click the  icon. 


Undocked                                                 Docked                            To Undock

Minimising a block

Minimising a block will just make it smaller but it will remain in the same position. To minimise a block click the  icon and to expand the block click the  icon. 


You can dock or minimise as many blocks as you like. Except the Administration block, which can only be minimised.