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What to configure and how to do it

MyPlace can be customised to your preference by clicking the 'Customise this page' button.

This allows you to do various features such as move, delete and configure blocks to how you would like them to look. 

To start customising the page, click the 'Customise this page' button. 

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Four options available

Once you have clicked 'Customise this page' - icons will appear at the top right corner of the 'blocks' (e.g. 'Navigation', 'Administration', 'Useful Links')

  1. The Move icon allows you to move the block to wherever you would like to be placed on your MyPlace page. This will stay in this position until it is moved to another place.

  2. The Configure setting allows you to see various details such as whether a block should appear on certain pages, where it should appear on these pages and how many characters you would like shown.  *More information about 'Configure' option in the next section.

  3. The Delete option is only applicable to some blocks, which are optional and can be removed. Other blocks such as the 'Administration' block is required and cannot be deleted.

  4. The Hide button allows you to make the blocks on your page visible or not visible. When visible, you are able to see the full blocks content and when invisible, only the heading will appear on the page.

More about the 'Configure' option

*Configure options vary depending on the block you are editing but, for example the 'Useful Links' block allows you to configure:

  1. The Block Title
  2. The links you want to add
  3. Default region - left or right
  4. Default weight - top or bottom (the lower the number, the nearer to the top it is)
  5. Visibility on the home page
  6. Region on the home page - left or right
  7. Default weight on the home page - top or bottom (the lower the number the more likely it is to be nearer the top)

Adding blocks

You can also add blocks as well as deleting or configuring what's already there. There are various blocks you can add as a student and some that you can only add as a staff member. Go ahead and try out some of the blocks. 

For more information about what the available blocks do see Moodle Blocks.