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The pages here discuss creating a 'playground' site on Myplace to experiment safely with, populating your class with resources, and keeping your class organised.

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Create a Site

This support page describes how to create a personal 'playground' site to experiment with.

Create a Programme Site

Programme sites allow you to create a space where all of the students registered on a particular programme of study have access.

Programme sites can either be created so that:

  • Every student in all years of the programme have access
  • Students on specific years of the programme have access

See Create a Site for information on creating a site on Myplace for other uses.

Opening and Closing the Class to Students

This support page describes how to make the class available to students.

Topic Sections

These pages discuss working with the basic blocks of a Myplace class - topic sections.

  • Adding a 'topic' section

    This support page describes how to add another block section to your class, called a topic.

  • Organise Sections

    This support page describes how to move sections around, rearranging the order your topics appear on the screen.

  • Collapsed Topic Sections

    This article shows you how to display your class site with collapsible topic headings.

Class Resources

The pages here discuss how to add and organise resources for your class within the topic sections.

View Class from a Student Perspective

This support page describes how to view your class page as it appears to a student, to confirm that the settings in place have the effect you're hoping for.

Import Class Materials From an Existing Class

This support page describes how to import some or all of the class materials from an existing class, so that you can, for example, reuse materials, or combine classes.

Quick Settings Block Explained

This support page gives more detailed information about the quick settings block, what it's for, and what you can do with it.

Using MyPlace - Video Tutorials

These videos cover some of the Myplace basics for students. All the videos can be found on our YouTube Channel MyPlace Support

Add a header banner to your site

This support page describes how to use the new header banner functionality to add an image banner to Myplace classes.

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