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This page explains how to create a new marks return.

Creating a new marks return and editing an existing marks return

Other than exceptional circumstances, there will be one marks return for each class code and exam board.

The marks return system allows you to start a new marks return and save it in the marks return 'staging post' area before transferring it to the board. When you return to the admin screen, it will be there and you can click 'Edit' to continue working on it.

Please check that there is not already a marks return on the admin screen for your class code and board, particularly if there is more than one person with the marks return role - your colleague may have got there first. Careful marks return labelling will help with this.

Use Google Chrome

We recommend the latest Google Chrome for marks return. Some features may not work with Internet Explorer. Click the 'three dots' menu at the top right to check for updates.


Step 1 - Open the marks return admin page

Click the link in the Electronic marks return block on the left of the screen.

Can't See the Marks Return Admin link?

If you can't see the "Marks Return Admin" link on your homepage check what Myplace Server you are on. 

You can see this in 2 places;

  • Top right corner:
  • or in the URL:

If you don't see an "academic session" in your Address bar you are on the latest Academic Session of Myplace, and you may need to switch to the previous academic session to do a marks return.

To go to a specific academic session, simply insert the two 4 digit years, separated by a dash, e.g. "2021-2022", immediately after the word "classes": 

You should find the Marks Return link is then on your dashboard.

Step 2 - Select the class by code

Use the drop-down menu to select the class code of the class you want to return marks for.

Click Add new.

Step 3 - Name the marks return

Give your marks return a suitable descriptive title, such as 'Final exam' or 'July Resit'.

The title doesn't need to include the class code for identification.

Step 4 - Save the new marks return

Save the new marks return by clicking the save button.

With the new marks return saved, you will be able to see the full menu.

You are now ready to transfer marks from Myplace into the marks return system.