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These pages discuss the use of H5P, a content collaboration framework using javascript that allows you to insert interactive content into Myplace.

H5P: Interactive Video Part 1 - Navigation Hotspots

This support pages describes how to add an H5P interactive video with navigation hotspots - areas on the screen, which you define, which the viewer can click to jump to another part of the video, or even to an external URL.

H5P: Interactive Video Part 2 - Crossroads

This support page describes how to add a crossroads to your video, which allows you to ask a multiple choice question and jump to a specific part by timecode.

H5P: Making Pictures Interactive with Image Hotspots

This support page describes how to use "Image Hotspots" to make images interactive.

H5P: Making an Interactive Timeline

This page instructs you on using the H5P resource to create an interactive timeline.

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