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How to hide and release grades to students.

Hiding the grades not the activity

The instructions below show you how to hide the grades from students during the marking and moderating process while leaving the activity visible, for example, for students who may be submitting late or who have an extension.  This is the recommended method for hiding and releasing grades and should bookmark any other processes, such as anonymous marking or marking workflow.

There are two different ways you can control the visibility of an activity's grades:

  • using the gradebook
  • using the quick settings on the class page

Both methods are described below.

Method 1 - Controlling the visibility of grades using the gradebook

Quiz Visibility

The visibility of quiz grades can only be managed via quick settings on the class page - see Method 2 below.

Step 1 - Go to the gradebook

Clicking on ‘Gradebook Setup’ will take you to the gradebook, showing all the assessments you have added to Myplace.

Step 2 - Show/hide grades in the gradebook

Each activity or grade item has an ‘Edit’ link under ‘Actions’. The assignments ‘Edit’ action gives two options – ‘Edit Settings’, and the Hide/Show ‘eye-con’. When ‘Hide’ is selected, students will not be able to see their grade and the item will appear greyed out in the gradebook when class tutors look at it.  When 'Show' is selected, students will be shown their grades.

Words and symbols

The symbol shows the current status of the grades:

  • an open eye means students can see grades
  • an eye with a line through it means students cannot see grades

The word offers the option to change the current status:

  • 'Hide' means the grade is currently visible to students and clicking on it will hide the grade
  • 'Show' means the grade is currently hidden from students and clicking on it will reveal the grade

Step 3 - Show/hide category totals in the gradebook

Make sure the category or class total is also hidden to ensure no partial grades are shown to students


Hidden grades will still appear in the class tutor’s gradebook, of course, but in a lighter grey font as an indication that they are not visible to students.

Method 2 - Controlling the visibility of grades using Quick Settings

There is an issue affecting changing gradebook items via Quick Settings, please follow the Via Gradebook step

Step 1 - Go to Quick Settings

Select the Gradebook Settings button.

Step 2 - Show or hide the activities by toggling the switches

Using the top switch (green and titled 'Visible' in the image on the right), will hide or show all grades in a class.

Each activity on the class page has an individual switch which can be toggled to show or hide grades from the students:

  • Yes - students can see their grades
  • No - students cannot see their grades MYP-2375 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Via Gradebook

Grade items cannot be controlled from Quick Settings

The visibility of grade items (items you can add to the gradebook that aren't connected to any activity in the Myplace class) cannot be controlled from Quick Settings. 

Visibility of grade items can be controlled as described in Method 1 above or by:

  • going to Gradebook setup
  • finding the grade item
  • selecting edit
  • then selecting 'Edit Settings'
  • Finally tick 'Hidden' (as shown on the right)

This does not apply  to Quiz activities. Visibility of results of quiz activities must be updated via the Review Options in the Quiz activity's settings.

Making grades visible at a prearranged date and time

Step 1 - Go to the grade item settings

Myplace can even make grades visible to students at a specific date and time, so you can tell your class in advance when to expect their results. Start by going to the grade item's settings from the gradebook.

Step 2 - Display the options

Under ‘Grade’, ‘show more’ will make additional options available.

Step 3 - Set the date and time to reveal the grades

Next to ‘Hidden until’, click the ‘Enable’ checkbox to enable this option and set the date and time the grades should be revealed


Unless your assessment activity is set to the ‘Show’ state, students will not able to see their grades on Myplace.  The date setting does not override the overall show/hide setting.