Migration of Confluence and Jira has been completed. We are now in a period of testing to ensure all data has transferred to the cloud version correctly. Please use this site for reference only as any changes will not be replicated to the cloud version. New links for Confluence and Jira: Confluence Cloud - https://universityofstrathclyde.atlassian.net/wiki/home Jira Cloud - https://universityofstrathclyde.atlassian.net/jira/your-work

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This page highlights important business processes for IFM, both internal and external to the corp.myplace service.

Content Management

This relates to the management of content that is used in Class Site to deliver a module, and how these class are managed to provide the appropriate teaching site for a given cohort of students.

Curriculum Management

Electronic Marks Return

Extension Requests

Late Submission

Student Appeals

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