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This support page describes how to download a copy of your class onto your hard drive.

If you want to take a copy of your class content to restore it on another instance of Moodle or

You want to import content from an archive version of Myplace to the current year

1) From the administration block in the class you want to create a copy of, click 'Backup'

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2) If you want to create a copy of everything in your class, at the next step click 'Jump to final step'  then see step X in these instructions.

There are standard settings clicked on this page. Usually these are suitable but you also have the option to tick or untick the settings you want to bring over. You cannot, however, bring over the enrolments (students) or their data to avoid mistakes being made and old student data making it onto a current Myplace page.

3) If you want to pick and choose what's in your copy, click 'Next'. The following screen will allow you to untick anything you don't need. This is handy for when you want to just import one or two sections. 

You can tick/untick whole sections by using the tick box at the top of each section, (highlighted in red) or individual items, (highlighted in green).

When you're finished choosing, scroll to the bottom and click 'Next'

The next screen is just to allow you to check what you've selected/unselected so if you;re happy with it, scroll to the bottom and click 'Perform Backup'.  You'll see a progress bar appear and once it's finished, you'll be sent to the screen where you can download your backup file. 

Moodle (Myplace) backup files have the file extension '.mzb' this is the particular type of file used for Moodle backups. This only allows you to upload (or in moodle-speak 'restore') your course onto a compatible version of Moodle. You cannot use this file to move content onto Blackboard or another type of VLE software.

3) The most recent backup you have created is at the top of the list so to download it, just click download from the item at the top of your list. 

4) To restore (i.e. import/upload) this course content into another version of Moodle/Myplace (such as the current years version) see the Restore a Class Support Page.