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What anonymous marking means in the gradebook and how it works.

Using anonymous marking

Step 1 - set up anonymous marking

When you set up an assignment on Myplace, you will have the option in the ‘Grade’ section to use Anonymous Marking. It is set to Yes by default. Anonymous Marking means that the identity of the student will be hidden from the marker.

Step 2 - reveal the students' identities

When the marker has finished, they reveal student identities by selecting the Grading action ‘Reveal student identities’ from the drop-down menu at the top of the 'View all submissions' page. Only then are the grades transferred to the gradebook.

As students can only see grades on the gradebook, while an assignment is still in anonymous marking, students will not be able to see their grades or read their feedback. You can read more about this in reveal student identities.

Anonymous Marking and the Gradebook

Will students see their grades when I reveal their identities, turning anonymous marking off?

Not necessarily. Students will not be able to see grades in the ‘hidden’ state in the gradebook. The assignment may be set to hidden in the gradebook while the assignment is still in anonymous marking. It is also possible to set a release date and time when the grades will be un

Special Roles

If your role is ‘Class Administrator’ or ‘Faculty/Dept Administrative Staff’, for example, you will be able to see student identities even with anonymous marking on, but in terms of the visibility of grades to the students, anonymous marking and the gradebook works just the same. Note that this means if you are marking under one of these roles you will still have to reveal student identities to send those grades to the gradebook, even though you can already see them.

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