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This article will introduce the Attempts feature on the Assignment activity. This lets you specify how many attempts a student may make on an assignment and the conditions under which they may gain a further attempt.

It will also cover accessing a previous attempt's submission.

Enabling Multiple Attempts

Multiple attempts are enabled by setting the Additional Attempts setting in the assignment from Never to either:

  1. Manually
  2. Automatically until pass

Additional Attempts option, showing Never, Manually and Automatically until pass options

Once Additional Attempts is enabled a new option for Maximum Attempts appears.

This allows you to set a limit on the number of attempts or allow unlimited attempts.

Additional Attempts: Manually

This is the most common option, and allows the grader of a submission to decide whether or not to create a new attempt.

When grading a submission a new section appears on the grading form:

If the grader decides that a new attempt is appropriate they would set the Allow another attempt to Yes.

One the Save changes or Save and show next button is pressed, the grade entered will be recorded along with any feedback, and a new attempt created for the student.

When a new attempt is granted the grading table will not display a grade, as the new submission has not yet been made by the student nor graded by the member of staff. 

The Final Grade column (at the far right of the table) will however display the currently in-effect grade (providing other constraints such as blind marking or marking workflow permit this)

Additional Attempts: Automatically until pass

This option is used less frequently and requires the setting of the Grade to pass option in the assignment settings.

Automatically until pass cannot be used with Anonymous Marking, which is configured by default in Myplace.

In this mode, a new attempt will be granted (much like if the grader had given one) if the grade awarded is less than the Grade to pass setting.

Grade to pass is a required setting for Automated Late Submission penalties, and is typically 40.00 for Undergraduate level classes and 50.00 for Post Graduate classes (where the Maximum grade is 100). 

This should be scaled appropriately to be 40% or 50% if the Maximum grade is not 100.

Accessing Previous Attempt Submissions

Once an additional attempt is granted, the submission is held separately and cannot be changed by the student.

To access their previous submissions go back in to the Grading page for the student and scroll down on grading panel until you reach the Attempt Settings section:

 Attempt Settings section of grading form.

Click on the View a different attempt to see a list of the prevous attempts:

Select the attempt to view and click View. The grading page will reload and display the selected submission.

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