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This support page describes how to add a reading list to your class page.

1) Turn editing on in the class and click 'Add an activity or resource. 

2) Scroll down to ‘Reading List’ and click 'Add'.

3) Add a name for your reading list link such as ‘Reading List’.

Note: If your MyPlace page contains more than one class code please contact the Reading List Service for assistance.

Reading List Service

Please see the LibGuide for full instructions on adding a reading list link to your MyPlace page.


Please see other Library Service contact links below:

Exam Papers

For Information on getting access to specific Exam Papers that are located within the library please use the below link:

Exam Paper Collection

Scanned Items

Strathclyde teaching staff who wish to request a scanned item(s) should submit a request via the reading list software or an online Digitisation Request form for each item to the University Scanning Service.

Digitisation Request form

University Scanning Service

Scanning Service staff will check for compliance with the Licence, and either arrange for the scan(s) to be made available, or advise if there are any problems.

Please email the Scanning Service if you have any queries.

Scanning Service