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This support page describes how to add a link to an external website to your class page.

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1) In the header section, click 'Add an activity or resource'

2) Scroll to the bottom of the 'Activities and Resources' pop-up, choose 'Web Link' and click the 'Add' button

3) Enter the Name 'IT Training' and the External web address 'https://www.strath.ac.uk/ittraining/' into the appropriate fields. You may also wish to change the 'Display' field to 'new window' which will open a new tab when the weblink is clicked. 

The 'Automatic' setting for display is actually the best one to use if you have a student with impaired sight that is using assistive software.
When 'Automatic' is set, when clicked Myplace will display a page that informs the assistive software that it's leaving Myplace, then a 2nd click will take you on to the relevant weblink.

4) You should now have a weblink that looks like this

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