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This support page describes how to add viewable and downloadable files to your Myplace class page.

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Please note, the following instructions explain how to use the 'Drag and Drop' method most commonly used to add files. The 'slow' way using buttons and browsing may have to be used by those with accessibility requirements such as impaired sight. In this case please use the instructions on the following Moodle Documents page;

Working With Files

1) Turn editing on if it isn't already on. 

2) Resize your browser window and open the folder with your files in it

3) Drag the Excel 2007 Basics pdf file into the first section.

4) It should then appear in your class like this.

5) Add the file named 'Excel 2007 Basics Course Files' to the same topic. 

Notice that this file is a '.zip' file. This means it's a group of files that have been compressed into one package for easier transfer. Myplace will recognise what type of file it is and react differently than if it was a simple individual file.

6) A window will pop up to ask you how you want to deal with the .zip file. In this case you want to choose 'Unzip files and create folder'. 

7) It should appear as a folder in the topic.

8) Add the other files as instructed in a similar manner.

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