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This support page describes the different enrolment methods.

This provides a quick way to view, access and manage Enrolment Methods in a class. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on the  icon or 'View Enrolments' link to access a list of enrolments that draw students automatically. (i.e. Class or programme codes) 
  2. This will present you with a list of enrolment methods that automatically draw students from a code. (Figure 1.)
  3. If you need to delete or add enrolments to a class click 'manage enrolments' (Figure 2.) which will take you to the Enrolment Methods (top right).
  4. Please note that your ability to add, delete or otherwise manage enrolments will depend on your level of permission within the class. If there is anything you require managed that you aren't able to do, please contact

Common enrolment methods are:

Any Class, Any Session - Draws in students registered under a specific class code from a particular academic year. e.g. X9909 = Educational Studies 1

Programme Code - Draws in students registered under a programme which includes more than 1 class e.g. 5618,1,3 = PGDE Secondary Education (Full-Time)

Self Enrolment - Allows students to enrol themselves

Manual Enrolment - Allows lecturers, tutors and administrative staff to manually add students to the class.

A full list of enrolment methods is below.

Removing Enrolment methods

If you no longer wish a set of users to have access to a class site, you can remove the enrolment method by clicking on the Delete.

Most Myplace users cannot add enrolment methods, you would need to contact to request an enrolment method to be removed.

Removing enrolment methods will delete all of the information relating to the student enrolled through the method, unless there is an alternative enrolment method that gives the continued access to the class.

Adding Enrolment Methods

Most Myplace users cannot add enrolment methods, you would need to contact to request an enrolment method to be added.

Available Enrolment Methods

Current Class, Current SessionThis will add a quick enrolment based on the current class' Class Code and the Current Academic year. This is the default for all newly created class sites.
Any Class, Any Session (PEGASUS)Enrol students (and optionally staff) on a PEGASUS class code from any academic year
Programme Enrolment (PEGASUS)Enrol students (and optionally staff) on a PEGASUS Programme code from any academic year. Optionally you can specify All Years of the programme or specific years of the programe (e.g. Year 1)
Self EnrolmentAllow users to self-enrol on to the class site if they are not members already. Optionally you may specify a password.
Manual Enrolment
PEGASUS CriteriaUse a PEGASUS Criteria Group to create a list of users based on information in the University's Corporate systems and enrol them in the class site.
Strathclyde Profile-BasedEnrol all users that have a specified value in their Profile.
Profile-Based GroupsThis is not an enrolment method, but allows users to be automatically placed in to groups in the class site based on information in their Profile. They must be enrolled via an alternative enrolment method first.