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This support page introduces the gradebook.

Where it is

The gradebook can be found in several places, the first of these is the ‘Grades’ button in the navigation box. This will take you straight to grader report.

Secondly it can be accessed from the Admin tab at either the ‘Grades’ button, which again will take you to the grader report, or the ‘Gradebook Setup’ to take you straight to setting up the gradebook itself.

Once in these pages the dropdown bar allows you to toggle between different areas of the gradebook.

It is also worth noting that although there is a ‘Gradebook settings’ button on the quick access panel, this does not direct to the gradebook but instead just gives options for changing the visibility of all the gradebook activities.

The Gradebook Setup Page

This page is where the management of weightings can be completed as well as organisation of activities. Activities can be placed into relevant categories, such as the Strathclyde template of: Standard Activities, Formative and Administrative, with Standard Activities being the only category that will count towards a student’s overall grade. More categories can be added within this for exams, coursework and so on. See here for instruction on this.

Categories and grade items can be weighted by inputting into the box shown. Note that these values can be input in a variety of ways, such as 20%, 20, 0.2 and Myplace will read them all the same way.

The Grader Report

This page provides a quick overview of grades for the class. It shows each assignment for every student and their class totals on the far right.

Beside Students names there are two icons, the ‘list’ icon on the left takes you to grade view for that users and shows an overview of their grades. The ‘pen’ icon on the right takes you to ‘single view’ which allows for easy editing of a student’s grades.

If you have arranged your activities into categories, there are some features that can be used to change how they are viewed in the grader report. For example, in the picture you can see the icon beside ‘Coursework’ which indicates to switch to ‘Full View’ and the icon beside ‘Practical’ which is for switching to aggregate view.

We can now see how the views change. For ‘Coursework’, a total is added. For ‘Practical’, just the total is shown instead of each activity. This can help to simplify the view if you have a lot of activities.

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