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This article shows how to embed video content that is hosted on Microsoft Stream in Myplace.

1. Accessing your video's view page in Stream.

You can access MS Stream a number of ways:

  1. Go directly to 
    You may be prompted to login. You should use your University Office 365 credentials (your usual Strathclyde user account).
  2. Access the "grid" menu in the top left corner of Office 365 Web applications.
    It may appear under your Apps section or under All apps →

Once you have accessed Stream, click on the My content menu at the top of the screen and select Videos.

Click on the title of the video you want to embed in MyPlace.

2. Sharing the video.

The Share button provides 2 different ways of linking to the video:

  • A hyperlink.
  • The embedded player.

Click on the Share button.

3. Selecting the Embedded Player option.

Click on the Embed option at the top of the dialogue box.

Select the appropriate options from the player:

  • Responsive - On - This will ensure the video resizes appropriately on mobile devices.

Click on the Copy button to copy the displayed HTML code to the clipboard.

4. Embedding the video in MyPlace.

In MyPlace, navigate to the location where you want the video to appear - usually this would be a MyPlace Label or Page resource. (From your class page, turn editing on and then click on Add an activity or resource to access these options).

These options will have a MyPlace text editor displayed when you edit the content:

In the Label text (Label option) or Page content (Page option) text editor, click in the Expand icon (highlighted in the screen shot opposite) to display the full tool bar.

Click on the HTML button to go into HTML editing mode:

5. Inserting the Embed Code.

Place your cursor where you want the video to appear and paste the HTML code copied in Step 3.

6. Saving the embedded video.

Click on Save and display. You should see the video you have just embedded.

If you (or the viewer) are not currently signed into Microsoft Stream you will see the instructions to sign in.

7. Signing in to Stream from MyPlace.

If you click on the Sign In option a separate sign in Window for Office 365 will appear.

Once you have completed the sign in this window will close, and you can refresh the page

8. Viewing the video in MyPlace.

The Embedded Stream Video content should now appear in place.

"It looks like there's a problem"

Many browsers are stricter now about 3rd party cookies that are can be used to track you on the internet.

Unfortunately this can have unforeseen effects on services that the University uses.

You may get the message shown to that a setting in your browser is blocking cookies and that the video must be opened in a new window.

You may wish to enable 3rd party cookies in the browser that you use. Alternatively using the Open in new window means you don't have to turn this feature off.