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Information on the 'view all submissions' page for assignments

This page displays a dashboard overview of marking progress for an assignment. It also allows for some management and editing of the marking if necessary.

How to find the page

The page is accessed after navigating to an assignment activity and clicking the 'view all submissions' button as shown to the right

You will then be shown a page somewhat similar to this, displaying submissions (if they have been made yet) and relevant information

A number of columns are displayed:

  • Identifier - this is displayed when 'blind marking' is enabled, otherwise students details will be displayed
  • Status - this shows whether a piece has work has been submitted and whether it has been graded
  • Grade - allows you to enter a grade or click the grade button to enter the grading interface

Other columns detail more information to do with the submission, such as similarity score and also any feedback already given.

The grading action drop down at the top left allows you to to complete the tasks listed in the image to the right

Near the bottom of the page, any changes can be saved and set whether to notify students of these changes

Also, with any submissions that were selected with check boxes a variety of actions can be performed on them such as locking submissions or downloading.

At the very bottom, some settings are available such as how many assignments are displayed and any filters.

Quick grading relates to being able to edit grades from this screen. Quick grading is not compatible with advanced grading and is not recommended when there are multiple markers.

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