This meeting was called by SIMS to look into the practice of returning two marks to the same exam board.




  • Decide how return of multiple marks will be handled by EMA / SIMS

Discussion items

30 minsMultiple marks returnAll

There was some discussion about multiple marks return:

  • why does this happen? If a student fails an exam in December, they can be put in to resit the exam in the May / June diet, meaning they have two marks for a single exam board
  • is the practice required? Yes, it is useful for student experience as it enables students to resit an exam more quickly than waiting for a board decision and resitting in August.
  • what should be done about it? Tony Anderson proposed that having extra exam boards would solve this issue. This was agreed by the rest of the group.

Agreed items

  • It was generally agreed that there should only be one mark per board, and that this should be achieved by having further boards (supplementary boards). More than one board could potentially sit at the same meeting to minimise the orgainisational burden.

Further information

Tricia sent out an email summarising this meeting the afternoon after it was held:

A meeting was held today to discuss this practice and the following was concluded.

Academic Departments will be able to provide two marks at the same time of year however they would need to ensure that they return them for a different board sequence.

For example

Exam Board Meeting                     Mark

14 June Board (Sequence 1)        30

14 June Board (Sequence 2)        50

The second board is a supplementary board.

This practice will ensure that EMA and MyStrathclyde will only deal with one mark for each class per Exam Board meeting.