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Project Next StepsMichael Hughes
  • SIMS PDDS for Marks return & Exam board being finalised
  • Terminology issue "settled" will affect back-end users primarily, consistency for front-facing customers
  • Impact Report - Really a proposal of what areas we can and should look at and what changes we think should be made following our understanding business phase, and the impact of those changes.
  • AGP Setup over next few weeks
  • Expert groups to look at specific areas such as:
    • Security, Roles & Permissions
    • Metrics & Statistics
Questions for SEES teamMichael Hughes
  1. Issue raised at SIMS meeting regarding the return of 2 marks for a student into a single exam board.
    1. Response was that they think it's an Education item, and can find some specific examples. Don't know if it is intentional, a broken down process or if it was "just because the VAX supports it".
  2. Question regarding the mark returned for students undertaking 3rd attempt (2nd resit). This was a question about a student who has not passed a class at (say) a June 1st attempt or the August 2nd attempt. The mark returned at the 3rd attempt (in the next June diet) should be just the examination paper or the full "compound", coursework + examination (say) mark.
    1. SEES don't ever know the composition of the mark returned, so cannot say if it's just the examination or if it is the compound mark.
    2. We will need to speak with individual departments to determine what the behaviour is.
    3. SEES can provide a list of valid statuses that student can go into. As understood from the conversation it is possible for:
      1. a student to re-take the examination without having to do the course. This appears to be the case if they go into suspension and
      2. a student to re-take the full course including the coursework.

Action items